April 14, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Morningsun Herb Farm
6137 Pleasants Valley Road

Are you a food producer, farmer, or are just interested in strengthening our local food system? Join us for an enlightening and informative talk with Food and Farm Attorney, Neil Thapar, of Sustainable Economies Law Center’s Food and Farm Program. Neil works to support the development of a racially just food and farm system that de-centers the individual and re-centers the collective and builds partnerships with a wide range of organizations to address legal and policy challenges to achieving transformative change in our local food system.

A continued and perpetual growth principle currently dominates our mainstream food and farm economy– “get big or get out”, as former Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butz, famously said. The current system is not set up to support small-scale enterprises that prioritize community well-being nor does it support meaningful participation by people of color. The result is inequitable access to healthy, local food or opportunities for ownership for low-income communities and communities of color.

This market-based problem needs a non-market based solution: the commons. Neil will describe principles of commons-based food and farm systems and highlight various democratic, cooperative, and community-controlled models of farmland ownership, enterprise ownership, and financing that light the path to a more equitable and sustainable food and farm system.

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This presentation and community conversation is part of Sustainable Solano’s Conversations program bringing inspiring speakers and film screenings to Solano county in an effort to open dialogue and guide community conversations about meaningful topics relevant to global and local sustainable practice, conservation and social policy.