January 13, 2021 all-day
Travis Credit Union

January is Financial Wellness month, and Travis Credit Union has all the tools necessary to help those who are looking to reassess and reboot their relationship with money at the start of the New Year and the beginning of tax-filing season. As the pandemic has extended beyond a health crisis into an economic crisis, as well, a recent Harris Poll survey indicated many Americans wished they had better money management skills.

For those seeking much needed support in their personal financial management resolutions, Travis Credit Union is offering free online financial education on a variety of topics for many ages.  This month’s line-up also features first-in-series webinars targeting teens and money management, as well as the Driving Clean Assistance Program grant information.

Webinar Topic Date/Info Registration
Ten Steps to Financial Success Jan 6/11a.m. (PST) Link
Saving with a Purpose Jan 12/11a.m. (PST) Link
Part 1/Driving Clean Assistance Pgrm Jan 13/11a.m. (PST) Link
Part 2/Driving Clean Assistance Pgrm Jan 21/11a.m. (PST) Link
Let’s Talk Money (13-18 y/o) Session 1 Jan 21/4p.m. (PST) Link
Car Buying 101 Jan 26/6p.m. (PST) Link
10 Steps to Financial Success (Spanish) Jan 27/11a.m. (PST) Link

For more free financial education opportunities, please visit traviscu.org/webinars.