June 1, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
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Vallejo CA
Kassie Munro

Join us in creating our first Resilient Neighborhood in Vallejo!

For the first time, we will be working with a team of four homeowners to begin transforming their street into an environmentally and socially resilient community hub. This project will treat the homes as part of the same ecosystem, linking them together through shared services and planned diversity, like providing shade in communal areas and producing a varied supply of food. Over time, this project plans to work with this established team to bring additional neighbors and community organizations into the hub as part of a larger movement to transform our cities into more regenerative, equitable and resilient places to live.

As we continue to build our first Resilient Neighborhood, this day will include workshops on different elements at two homes for ideas participants can bring back to their own homes:

o  Learn hands-on how to install a simple laundry-to-landscape system. You will learn how to install a simple three-way valve in a laundry room, connect the pipe from the washing machine to the landscape, and how to prepare the landscape to receive the greywater.

o   We will be replacing a front lawn with a water-wise, shade creating, regenerative landscape, starting with laying down the foundation: digging on-contour swales, making berms, diverting the roof water and planting trees. The installation is completed with pollinator, native and edible understory plants, drip irrigation, and sheet mulching. Break ground with friends and neighbors and learn how to use water wisely while creating an environment where life-supporting plants thrive.

Each installation includes a short lecture from a sustainable landscape expert and hands-on experience.

The Resilient Neighborhood Pilot is a multi-stage project and will cover an array of topics through hands-on workshops. Additional installations are scheduled as follows:

Day 3- 6/8: Understory, Drip, Water Capture Feature

Day 4- 6/15: Swales, Mulch, Trees, Hugelkultur

Day 5- 6/22: Greywater

Day 6- 6/29: Understory, Drip

Special features during some of these installation dates will include the installation of an herb spiral, a unique gravity-fed water capture feature and hugelkulturs.

A healthy lunch will be provided during each installation date.

Please bring hats, gloves, reusable water bottle and sunblock.

*Sponsored by the Solano County Water Agency

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