June 1, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
John F. Kennedy Library
505 Santa Clara St.
Vallejo CA
Solano County Library and the Friends of the Vallejo Public Library

Lavash pinwheels, global wraps, California-style burritos, spring rolls
and lettuce wraps. These are the types of delicious and nutritious
wraps you will learn about in this healthy cooking workshop.

Join Chef Lisa Núñez-Hancock as she explores and rolls an
exciting array of delicious wraps filled with a myriad of healthy
and nutritious ingredients just in time for the lazy days of summer.

Wraps may have sneaked in the kitchen door as a food trend, but
this workshop will reveal that the concept has been around a long
time, and can be found in distinct cultures around the world.

Learn the ins and outs of creating classic California burritos, the
techniques of making lavash pinwheels- a colorful and easy
appetizer that makes entertaining a breeze, and join in on a lively
discussion of the famous San Francisco Mission District Burritos
and the best spring rolls in Vallejo.

As always, our workshops are free to the public and there will be
yummy samples, recipe booklets and surprises.

Wrap It Up! It’s not the end, but the beginning of an exciting and fun
culinary adventure into the world of wrapped food.


This program is presented through the Solano County Library and the Friends of the Vallejo Public Library in partnership with Sustainable Solano and UR What U Eat.