Soil Resources for Solano County


Enrich your soil naturally, prevent erosion, conserve water, close the loop, save money and fight global warming by composting and using compost in your garden. It’s perfect for farms, vineyards, gardens, yards and landscaping projects!

Castle & King Rock & Ready Mix (Vacaville): (707) 446-2434

Napa Recycling & Waste Services: (707) 255-5200

Vision Recycling (Benicia): (510) 429-1300

Valcore (Vallejo): 707-645-8258


Organic Soil Products and Amendments:

Natural and organic soil products can include potting soils, coco coir bricks, worm castings, bokashi, pumice, compost tea and liquid and dry microbial products.

Harmony Organics (Benicia): 707-747-5051 [Mention Sustainable Solano when placing your order, and we’ll receive a donation for each purchase in your honor!]


Wood Chips:

Using wood chip mulch in your garden is a great way to prevent water evaporation and build healthy soil!

Chip Drop: Connect with local arborists to get a giant pile of wood chips delivered to your home.
Angel’s Tree Care: 121 Laguna Street, Vallejo, (707) 731-2298
Saving the Planet One Gardener at a Time – a video with Dave Phelps presenting actionable takeaways and information about soil ecology, irrigation retrofitting and general sustainable landscape practices. An event hosted by Sustainable Solano as part of its Sustainable Landscaping and Sustainable Initiatives.
In this video Dan from shares with you his thoughts and experiences in regards to using plain brown non-glossy cardboard in the garden as a sheet mulch.
This video demonstrates how to remove your lawn using sheet mulching techniques. Learn more at
Watch the process for how compost is made on the community scale from yard trimmings, grape pomace, food scraps and other organic material in this video from the city of Napa.