Solano County Water Resources

WATER-EFFICIENT LANDSCAPE REBATE PROGRAM: The Solano County Water Agency (SCWA) is offering the Water-Efficient Landscape Rebate Program to water customers who install sustainable water efficient landscaping* that meets Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines. Click here to learn more


Other Rebates:

This video provides simple and inexpensive techniques for residential water capturing and diversion systems that you can use to keep your garden lush and flourishing all year long! Check out what some of our very own Solano County neighbors have to share about using rain and greywater to feed their gardens!

Greywater Action

Greywater Action is a great resource for general greywater information, laws, and training.


Water Conservation Technician Program

Lane Community College is offering a new Water Conservation Technician Program (a two-year associate science degree) available online. 

Students learn to become competent water stewards and contribute to their communities, obtaining skills to acquire meaningful water conservation jobs. Those interested in the topics can also take specific classes without pursuing a degree to get up to date on current practices, policies and technologies around rainwater, greywater, blackwater and other non-potable water supplies. 


Wise Water Workshop

Watch this video of our “Wise Water” workshop that covered the creation of swales to capture rainwater and roof water and nourish the garden.