Sustainable Solano Backyard

The Vision

The goal of our program is to introduce the concept and practice of permaculture as a sustainable, portable, and expandable practice in Solano County. Concentrating on people-care, these demonstration plots would draw out people and create community. In earth-care, these food forests would use wise water practices such as groundwater storage, roofwater catchment, Laundry-to-Landscape greywater re-use, and demonstrate a layed food forest planting system that supports dense, edible, practical plantings. 

After the success of the Benicia Sustainable Backyard program, we are spreading our program across Solano County. Over the course of a year (2016-2017), we are expanding with two more demonstration plots on private and public land in Vallejo and two more private and public land sites in Fairfield/Rio Vista. 

The Sustainable Solano Backyard Program is supported by Solano County Water Agency.

Benicia Sustainable Backyard

Over the course of two years ( 2015-2017) we created 7 permaculture “food forests,” on private land. 

All of the food forest installations completed by our Benicia Sustainable Backyard crew was open to the public. Community member participated in the installation events and had the opportunity to gain hands-on skills on how to prepare a site, choose and place plants, install greywater and drip irrigation systems, and how to take care of food forests.

These food forest demonstration plots served as training ground for our Sustainable Land Caretakers professional training program, as well as educational and inspirational centers for the community. 

The Benicia pilot program was unanimously recommended by the Community Sustainability Commission and is partially funded through the Valero/Good Neighbor Steering Committee Settlement Agreement.

David Shaw Launches Fairfield Sustainable Backyard Program

Demonstration Food Forests

Sustainable Landscaping Initiative News and Updates

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