Sustainable Solano Backyard

The Vision

The goal of our program is to introduce the concept and practice of permaculture to Solano County. “Permaculture is a sustainable design system stressing the harmonious interrelationship of humans, plants, animals and the Earth. The core of permaculture is design and the working relationships and connections between all living things.” (Bill Mollison) These gardens are designed using the basic permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. 

The Sustainable Solano Backyard Program is supported by Solano County Water Agency.

David Shaw Launches Fairfield Sustainable Backyard Program

Demonstration Food Forests

Sustainable Landscaping Initiative News and Updates

How Does the Medfly Quarantine Affect Home Gardeners?

  In case you haven’t heard, Solano County is the latest area to establish a quarantine for the Mediterranean fruit fly also known as the Medfly. The quarantine started last fall and will continue until officials are sure the threat to the local orchards and farms has...

Sustainable Solano seeks ‘food forest’ applicants in Suisun

By Ian Thompson SUISUN CITY — If you live in Suisun City and want to turn your yard into a thriving, edible ecosystem, Sustainable Solano would like to hear from you. The grassroots local nonprofit that started in Benicia is expanding its work to Suisun City and is...