December is often a month of restorative rains here in Northern California, and also can be a time for internal reflection and restoration. An important part of taking care of ourselves is getting enough sleep, and, just as the environment suffers during a drought, so we can suffer from a lack of sleep.

Permaculture educators Lydia Neilsen and Anne Freiwald will offer another free talk through Sustainable Solano online at 11 a.m. Dec. 12 — this time focusing on the parallels between sleep and water cycles. They previously gave talks on Permaculture 101 and Soil, Water & Plants. The talks are funded through the Solano County Water Agency.

Neilsen and Freiwald will be the instructors for the Permaculture Design Certificate course being offered in Benicia starting in late January. Their talks are a great way to learn about permaculture and their teaching style for those who may be interested in the course.

Restoring the Sleep Well

Previous Talks


About Lydia Neilsen and Anne Freiwald

Lydia Neilsen, a longtime partner with Sustainable Solano, is a PINA certified permaculture educator, landscape and habitat designer, specializing in water cycle restoration and passionate polyculture. Anne Freiwald is a passionate personal health and permaculture educator focusing on growing food in small spaces, working for over 25 years with individuals and communities on personal ecology and community resilience. They have an action-based perspective that highlights skills, practices and resources necessary for growth, creativity and vitality in person and place.


About the Permaculture Design Certificate Course

  • PDC begins Jan. 29 and runs through early April. It will be taught in a mix of online evening classes and hands-on weekends in Benicia, CA.

Sustainable Solano’s 2021 PDC develops a broad understanding of permaculture and design that uses whole systems thinking, which looks at how everything works together as a part of a larger whole. This can apply to the environment, our internal state of being and our organizations and social systems. In this course, participants learn a standard 72-hour permaculture curriculum toward an internationally recognized certification. Participants will also gain hands-on experience in designing and transforming a local landscape using design principles and incorporating the use of captured rainwater and greywater systems. Classes will be conducted over Zoom and in five hands-on weekends in Benicia following the latest health and safety guidelines.

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