1 t. coriander seeds
1 t. fennel seeds
½ t. black peppercorns
¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced or 1 heaping Tablespoon minced green garlic (white part only)
6 scallions or 1 spring onion, chopped
½ serrano chile, thinly sliced (optional)
2 strips lemon zest, about 2 inches x 1 inch long
2 large leeks, white and pale green parts, sliced
1 fennel bulb, halved lengthwise and sliced, fronds chopped
6 cups water
1 can (15.5 oz.) cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
5 oz. sugar snap peas, thinly sliced
2 cups baby spinach
1 cup shelled fresh English peas (from about 1 lb. pods) or frozen peas
1 T. white miso
Kosher salt, to taste

Coarsely grind coriander seeds, fennel seeds and peppercorns in a spice grinder, or with a mortar and pestle. Heat oil in a large pot or Dutch oven. Add garlic and spices and cook over medium heat, stirring often until fragrant and garlic is softened, about 2 minutes.

Add scallions/spring onion, leeks, fennel, serrano chile and lemon zest. Cook on medium-high heat, until vegetables begin to get charred and carmelized , 5-7 minutes. (Let veggies sit and only stir a couple of times.)

Add 6 cups water to the pan, increase to high and bring to a simmer. If using frozen peas, add them now and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add cannellini beans, snap peas and English peas (if using) to the pot.

Remove a couple Tablespoons of soup liquid and whisk together with the miso, then add back to the pot. Add baby spinach and stir just until spinach is wilted, about 20 seconds.

Adjust seasonings with salt. Divide among soup bowls, top with fennel fronds and serve.

Serves 4-6.

Recipe adapted from Bon Appetit

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