Solano County Library, The Friends of the Vallejo Public Library, in partnership with Sustainable Solano and UR what U eat bring you the next series of “What’s For Dinner?”— healthy cooking workshops aiming to educate the community on healthy, nutritious food choices using seasonal ingredients. Classes take place at John F. Kennedy Library (505 Santa Clara St.) in downtown Vallejo. This series is taught by Chef Lisa Núñez-Hancock, a culinary arts instructor, natural food chef, food activist and a member of Sustainable Solano’s Local Food Movement Advisory Board.


2019 Healthy Cooking Workshop Schedule

(Feb. 2) Healthy Chocolate Barks – Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day
(April 13) Soup Garden – How to Plan & Plant a Soup Garden and Recipes for Awesome Soups
(June 1) Wrap It Up! – Lavash/ Spring Rolls/ Burrtios and Lettuce Wraps
(Sept. 12) Farmers Market Workshop (in Benicia at Avant Garden)
(Sept. 21) Sushi Sessions – Basic Sushi Making Techniques & Traditions with Vegetarian and Vegan Improvisations
(Nov. 9) Get More Turmeric in Your Life! Global Curries & Tonics


*Please refer to our events calendar for more details, dates changes or updates regarding these workshops.

Lisa Núñez-Hancock is a culinary arts instructor, natural food chef, food activist and founder of UR what U eat. Lisa has recently moved to Vallejo and is very excited about bringing her skills and knowledge about nutrition, food preparation and the politics around the food movement to the community. She has taught nutrition and healthy cooking classes for over nine years in inner-city after school programs, museums, libraries, homesteading hubs, at community centers, and as part of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s curriculum.

In her mission statement Lisa describes UR what U eat as a culinary program which provides hands-on healthy cooking and nutrition workshops to children, teens and adults. UR what U eat workshops teach basic cooking skills and fundamental principals of nutrition, while utilizing math and science skills as they relate to food preparation. Rooted in the fundamentals of the Slow Food Movement and the writings of Michael Pollan, UR what U eat embraces the philosophy of growing, preparing and eating real food. Workshops take participants through the complete food cycle, while at the same time preserving healthy multi-cultural culinary traditions. It is a program that promotes healthy and conscious eating for the entire family.