“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

— R. Buckminster Fuller

What’s Growing?

The Sustainable Solano Blog is the hub for all the latest information about our many projects and programs, as well as a snapshot of grassroots community transformation in action. If you would like to comment or get in touch with local sustainability and resilience makers and shakers profiled in our blogs, please email us at info@sustainablesolano.org

Solano County Water Sources

  Water nourishes our landscapes, keeps us hydrated and powers our wind turbines but have you ever wondered where our local water comes from when you turn on your faucet? Our state's water storage and delivery systems are actually quite complex. Its system of...

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Wise Water: An Informative Video from Sustainable Solano

For the past two years we've been working on our Demonstration Food Forests, with a major component of it being Wise Water use. Now, with the help of Constance Beutel, videographer extraordinaire, we wanted to share with everyone how very simple and replicable it is....

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What’s For Dinner? Vallejo

Eating healthier and incorporating more fresh vegetables and fruits into our meals is the theme of the new series of healthy cooking workshops hosted by the John F. Kennedy library in partnership with Sustainable Solano and UR what U eat. The first of these seasonal...

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R.O.O.T.S. Permaculture Training Course

Our Walk in a Food Forest Series is over for this year, but are you still wanting to learn more about permaculture and sustainability? Soul Flower Farm, just a quick hop across the bay in El Sobrante, has a permaculture design course that you might be interested in....

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Curious about our Vallejo Demonstration Food Forest Sites?

Learn about the plots, the schedules for the days, the families involved, and dive in to our community installation event! The future Vallejo Demonstration Food Forests The Enchanted Cottage Garden is a water-sucking, plain lawn that wants to become so much more for...

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Sustainable Solano Creating Wise Water Documentary

Over the weekend, Sustainable Solano, with our wonderful Constance Beutel as camera-woman and director, shot scenes for a Water-Wise documentary video. The video was shot at Birds, Bees & Beyond, one of the Demonstration Food Forests, with commentary from...

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Community Food Center dinner with Heritage Presbyterian

Over the year, a special partnership has been growing between Sustainable Solano and Heritage Presbyterian Church, for the sake of creating a Community Food Center in Benicia, a dream that’s been taking shape with inspiration from Sustainable Solano’s Exec Director,...

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Q&A with Anna Larsen of Siren Fish Co.

Our Seasonal Cooking Seafood Class is Wednesday, March 8 and we're cooking through our CSF partner's weekly seafood box, so we did  a little Q&A with Anna Larsen of Siren Fish Co.    Why CSF?  Community supported fisheries reduce food miles, educate the...

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Benicia Community Gardens Annual Meeting 2017

Benicia Community Gardens Annual Meeting on February 18, 2017 After a brief welcome by Marilyn Bardet, Board President, our executive director, Elena Karoulina, explained that the Benicia Community Gardens and Orchard are now part of Sustainable Solano.  In the past...

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“Greyhawk Grove” Food Forest Tour — Stop #5

  It was a cool and sunny day for the Greyhawk Grove Tour, and perhaps it was that, or that our tour is gathering steam, that nearly 30 people squeezed into a room to listen to Lydia Neilsen from the Regenerative Design Institute. She started with a brief...

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Gamechanger Intensive — An Experience

By Nicole Newell   Did you attend the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium in December?  I did, and it woke me up.  I was ready to see what was next, and signed up for the Pachamama Alliance’s 8 week Gamechanger Intensive program. The Gamechanger Intensive is an...

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Sustainable Solano Vallejo Volunteer Training Potluck

  Do you want to learn how to get involved with Sustainable Solano’s Sustainable Landscaping program? This series of events is designed to prepare a group of volunteers to help implement Vallejo Sustainable Backyard program. If you are interested to become a part...

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International Trade and the Local Economy

By Roman Johnson Resilience.org is a publication that focuses on creating platforms to stimulate conscious conversations about community building strategies. The Sustainable Solano Communications Committee recently stumbled across an article regarding trade policies...

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Pruning Workshop Recap

By Jason Lingnau of Intuitive Design   The pruning workshop on Saturday was informative and timely. The winter pruning season is upon us and my wife and I  have some work to do but have been hesitant to “make the cut”. The speaker , Ann Ralph had such a wonderful...

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Sustainable Landscaping for Your House classes

  By Kathleen Huffman of The Repurposed Oakie   On Thursday, February 2, the Benicia Community Center provided a warm respite from the winter drizzle for curious gardeners getting ready for spring. Inside several ecologically minded citizens from all over Solano...

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What is sustainable? A UN Perspective

As Sustainable Solano continues our work throughout the county, the question we often get is “What does sustainable mean?” We continue our exploration into our mission, our focus, and what it means to be sustainable with our third installation of the conversation: a...

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Upcoming Events

9:00 am Community Share Plot Workday @ Avant Garden
Community Share Plot Workday @ Avant Garden
Jul 29 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
BCG maintains a Benicia Community Share Plot where we grow food for donation to the community members in need. It’s cared for by volunteers and you are welcome to join in at any of our workdays. Chris[...]
2:00 pm What’s For Dinner? Vallejo @ John F. Kennedy Library, Vallejo
What’s For Dinner? Vallejo @ John F. Kennedy Library, Vallejo
Jul 29 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The next seasonal cooking workshop for Summer will be July 29th. In that workshop Chef Lisa will be teaching the group how to make fresh pesto sauce(s). In addition to the traditional basil and pine[...]
all-day Sustainable Solano at the Solano... @ Solano County Fairgrounds
Sustainable Solano at the Solano... @ Solano County Fairgrounds
Aug 2 – Aug 6 all-day
Sustainable Solano at the Solano County Fair! @ Solano County Fairgrounds
Meet the team behind the Solano sustainable movement at this year’s Solano County Fair! Interested in sustainable landscaping? Sustainable communities? Local food systems? Have a burning vision of how we can co-create something for the[...]
8:00 am Food Forest Installation Worksho... @ Loma Vista Farm
Food Forest Installation Worksho... @ Loma Vista Farm
Aug 5 @ 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Food Forest Installation Workshop at Loma Vista Farm - POSTPONED @ Loma Vista Farm
LOMA VISTA FARM and SUSTAINABLE SOLANO come together to create a permaculture demonstration public food forest! Come break ground with others and be a part of building the foundation to this public garden by creating[...]