Youth Leadership & Workforce Development

What is Youth Leadership & Workforce Development?

Through our youth leadership and workforce development programs, we work to guide and inspire students to understand sustainability principles and gain practical skills through hands-on projects that can help shape their decisions about further study, careers and as future leaders.

These programs foster skills that can provide steady employment, improve local communities and restore the environment. We are moving forward with establishing a comprehensive program for high school students aligned with leadership skills, hands-on training and certification, and have started an adult education program for those looking to build professional sustainable landscaping skills.

The goal is to guide and inspire students to live happy and healthy lives within the environmental capacity of one planet, to develop an understanding of sustainability principles and equip them with practical skills to make a difference while preparing them for the next green economy.

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More Sustainable Landscaping Education Programs Planned for Benicia

More Sustainable Landscaping Education Programs Planned for Benicia

As we plan for an exciting slate of programs based in Benicia for 2021, we want your insight on what sort of workshops we should hold in the city – what is most interesting to potential participants as well as property owners. These workshops will help to strengthen and expand the programs we piloted in Benicia at the beginning of this year.