July 13, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm
Nicole Newell

Personal Permaculture: Vital Life Skills to Support and Restore the Resource of Self

Join us July 13 for a live presentation on Personal Permaculture/Ecology with Anne Freiwald.

What is Personal Permaculture/ Ecology?

We will explore Personal Ecology and seeing yourself as part of nature and incorporating regenerative practices in our personal landscapes to slow, spread, sink and store resources needed for a thriving life. Anne will explore 9 Vital Life Skills: Breath, Nourishment, Movement, Sleep, Awe, Creativity, Connection, Know(ing Yourself), Boundaries. We incorporate permaculture principles in designing thriving landscapes and this class will explore how these skills support us in creating balanced and sustainable personal landscapes. We find power in perceiving that these are skills we can develop to help navigate the challenges that life brings.

Anne will dig deeper into breath, movement and sleep. For each skill there is a cycle/pattern in nature that our bodies mirror and a practice everyone can do at home and potentially incorporate into daily life. This talk will weave in salient permaculture principles including observe and interact, least change for greatest effect, stacking functions and use of on-site resources.

At the end there will be a live Q & A with Anne!

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About Anne Freiwald
Anne has a passion for work that brings individuals and communities together to creatively address issues of social justice, personal and community health, and regenerative life practices. She has 30 years combined experience in the nonprofit realm working as a program manager, researcher, and educator creating experiential learning opportunities and programs for youth and adults across disciplines from all aspects of personal health, to permaculture and food justice. She is the co-founder and facilitator for Vital Cycles: Creating Personal and Planetary Resilience, which offers a year-long dual certificate in Permaculture Design and Personal Ecology and permaculture design consulting. She holds a Master of Public Health as well as certifications in Permaculture Design, Mental Health First Aid, Diversity and Inclusivity, and Digital Education. These days she is most likely spotted in her garden where she grows an abundance of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.