Green Infrastructure

What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure that improves the urban environment gets at the very root of what has driven Sustainable Solano since we first started — the idea of regenerative and restorative approaches to our environment that help to strengthen our communities. We want to build the capacity of our communities to develop and pursue solutions that will make physical, social, economic and cultural environments stronger.

Toward that end, our green infrastructure programs focus on the individual, neighborhood and community scale to restore natural processes to the environment through introducing cooperative plants, mulch and water-collecting landscape features to better spread and sink stormwater, build healthy soil, support cleaner air and water and create habitat. These green infrastructure efforts harness natural systems to build a healthier urban environment.

Since the first community gardens, we have drawn a connection between attention to the earth and collaboration among people. For our Sustainable Backyards program, a key component was bringing together community members and building green infrastructure skills through workshops creating food forest gardens. We are growing beyond single backyards to create urban forests and public gardens that feed neighborhoods, conserve water and trap carbon. And our Resilient Neighborhoods program helps neighbors come together to put those regenerative efforts to use on a larger, community-wide scale.

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Solano Sustainable Backyards

Demonstration food forest gardens using sustainable landscaping techniques to create vibrant, abundant gardens.

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Resilient Neighborhoods

Neighbors working together to create environmentally and socially resilient community hubs.

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Solano Gardens

Edible gardens that supply fresh produce to communities with limited access.

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Urban Forest

A resilient, mixed-canopy urban forest with California native drought-tolerant trees and fruit trees.

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Community Gardens

Community gardens, orchard and share plot for those in need.

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