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Peter Swenson
Serving Benicia and Vallejo


Little Bird Gardening: Meriel and Michael Mees
Serving Vallejo and Benicia, occasionally Martinez, American Canyon, and Fairfield

Phil Gray Landscaping and Construction
Serving Solano County
(707) 365 – 8992

The Repurposed Okie

Kathleen Huffman
Owner, 2015 Land Caretaker Graduate and Member of the California Native Plant Society

The Repurposed Okie Offers

  • Organic landscaping and consultations.
  • Permaculture Design Certified.
  • Greywater Certified as an installer and instructor

I grew up on an organic farm and I love working in the soil, learning all that it can teach me.

Located in Fairfield. Serving Solano County.


The Intuitive Garden

Jason Lingnau

Owner, 2015 Land Caretaker Graduate and Level 1 greywater installer

Focus on water efficient irrigation, rainwater collection, and recycled grey water.

  •  Standard irrigation
  • Greywater systems
  • Rainwater catchment
  • Lawn replacement

Peter Swenson

Peter Swenson, Owner, Certificates in Horticulture foundations, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, Nursery Management, Arboriculture, Greywater Design and Install, Land Caretakers training

My name is Peter Swenson, and I am a landscape designer. I have spent the last few years gaining a rounded education in the horticultural arts. Over that time, I have earned 5 certificates* in the field, plus more from other sources**. My experience in the nursery environment interacting with local landscapers, has given me a perspective on what’s good for the landscape through a community learned lens. I have designed and installed several Greywater systems into both existing, and new landscapes. I believe that every landscape should offer more than just something to look at, plants offer texture, and scents, as well as color, that can more than make up for a traditional lawn. I have started my own landscaping business in Solano county, and I am moving forward to make it grow!

Serves Benicia and Vallejo

Little Bird Gardening

Meriel and Michael Mees

Sustainable Services

  • Sheet mulching
  • fine pruning of trees and shrubs no taller than 15′
  • greywater and rain catchment consultation and installation
  • low-volume drip irrigation installation and troubleshooting
  • flagstone or decomposed granite pathways
  • garden design and install, especially of native or edible plants

Meriel and Michael Mees have been promoting sustainability in Vallejo, Benicia, and Fairfield since 2014 through their business, Little Bird Gardening. They design, install, and care for residential gardens, with a specialty in climate appropriate native plants. They enjoy the challenge of expressing the unique style of a client within the given microclimate of sun exposure and soil. They strive to support wildlife, minimize waste, conserve water, improve soil, and celebrate biological diversity. They promote awareness and enjoyment of nature in Solano County through gardening education and the annual Visions of the Wild Festival.

Meriel has a B.A. in Integrative Biology: Ecology and Evolution from the University of California Berkeley. She has worked as a redwood researcher, as the Education and Development Coordinator of the Vallejo People’s Garden, and as an intern for the U.S. Forest Service on the Vallejo Ranger Station and the first Visions of the Wild Festival. Michael has an A.A. in Documentary Photography from the Academy of Art, and credentials in Sustainable Design from Merritt College. He has worked as a rock climbing instructor, carpenter, and assistant arborist for Tree Wolf.

Both Meriel and Michael worked as outdoor educators for Cal Adventures, helped organize a citizen-led restoration project in Tilden Park, interned at the Watershed Nursery, and have been certified as Bay Friendly Landscape Professionals, Greywater installers, and Life Lab garden educators.

Areas served: Mostly Vallejo and Benicia, occasionally Martinez, American Canyon, and Fairfield

Simply Perfect Gardens

Alison W Fleck, APLD

Sustainable Services

  • design of rain gardens and on site swales for ground water recharging
  • understand and employ WELO landscape constraints

I am a landscape designer, I work with homeowners to create the most sustainable garden that will suit their needs. I understand and employ WELO landscape constraints I design for minimum lawn, maximum drought tolerance, focus on edibles and environmentally sound practices

I have a strong horticultural back ground, dating back for over 40 years, which includes multiple certificates from DVC, training at Merritt College, years of nursery work and maintenance work before that. I have been designing full time for about 13 years.

Areas served: Benicia

Simply Perfect Gardens

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