This fall brings in a huge victory for California bees and our local environment! A few years ago, a group of Environmental Justice lawyers representing a coalition of environmental groups filed a lawsuit asking the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to stop approving the use of neonicotinoids (or, neonics) without proper environmental review. The California Court of Appeal has recently ruled in favor of this moving us one step closer to the long-term health of our lands and wildlife. For nearly a decade, the DPR has approved uses for these toxic pesticides that have proven harmful to our honeybees (a major contributor to our food supply), other wildlife and our local food systems. Neonics can remain in our soil and water supply for years eventually making it into our food chain.

Earthjustice has wasted no time in protecting other wildlife habitats and refuges by petitioning on behalf of American Bird Conservancy for the California Fish and Game Commission to ban the same group of neonics proven to be killing bees. Let us celebrate the tremendous work of Earthjustice and partnering allies for their commitment and tremendous feats in helping protect our environment including our precious, irreplaceable bees.

To read more, visit the Earth Justice website.