Often times you find the solution within the problem.  We couldn’t find one yard to fit all our educational needs of the demonstration food forest.  So with the creative use of our limited funds we will be installing two!  The Enchanted Cottage Garden is the perfect front yard location.  This yard that is now grass will be sheet mulched and transformed into a food forest.  The unique roof of this cottage style home will serve as a great educational opportunity to show how to retrofit gutters to harvest roof water.

The problem is that it can’t receive grey water.

The Ripple Effect which already has many components of a food forest, fruit trees, perennial vegetables, plants that attract the beneficial insects, rain water harvest, artistic/creative use of onsite materials in both the front and backyard.  Grey water will be able to be used to water an already existing landscape!  This is a great site to show how to add community of plants to support the trees that already exist in our yard!!  We will also be installing one fruit tree guild here adding another opportunity to show roof water catchment.

Installation of The Enchanted Cottage Garden will begin on April 29th this day will be hands on learning about setting the basic foundation:  swales, berms, roof water harvest, creative use of onsite materials.  May 13th will be a day filled with learning about the food forest plants chosen.  We will get to have conversations about plant communities working together to benefit each other.  Water efficient, basic drip irrigation will also be installed that day.  Sheet mulching will be done and the transformation of a lawn into a custom demonstration food forest will be revealed.


May 6th will be spent at The Ripple Effect.  The public will get an opportunity to see what can be done with an already existing landscape. This will be a hands-on laundry to landscape grey water workshop.   The grey water will be used to water a pre-existing landscape.  As a community we will be learning to install one simple fruit tree guild and show diversion of roof water to a swale.  We will also talk about what plants could be added to support the existing landscape.


All three days April 29, May 6, and May 13 will be filled with learning about sustainable landscapes through hands-on experience and include a lunch provided by the homeowners!!!  Come learn how to save water, grow food and build community!! Registration is required.

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