Aug. 10, 2022
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Community Day Along Rocky Hill Trail Highlights Native Plants, Rainwater Capture as Environmental Solutions

Sustainable Solano will offer an Environmental Justice Fellowship this fall that will work on a hands-on planting project along the Rocky Hill Trail

Vacaville community members and others interested in learning about local environmental challenges and possible solutions are invited to the Rocky Hill Trail Community Day from 11 am to 3 pm Saturday, Aug. 20.

The community day will give participants an opportunity to visit the Rocky Hill Trail — a walking and biking trail that connects neighborhoods in Vacaville’s Markham neighborhood — while learning about the environmental challenges that face our urban spaces, including poor air quality, water quality and the heat-island effect. Hosted by Sustainable Solano, the event will include two opportunities to hear presentations from SuSol interns on the topics of native plants and rainwater capture — two possible solutions that can help to address some of those environmental concerns.

The talks will be at 12 pm and again at 1:30 pm, with time allowed for Q&A.

The day will include family-friendly activities, and high school students from throughout Solano County are invited to learn about Sustainable Solano’s Environmental Justice Leadership Fellowship planned for later this fall in Vacaville. Through the Fellowship, high school students interested in exploring environmental issues will be able to study environmental and health information for the local community, discuss challenges and potential solutions, and participate in four hands-on workshops to help beautify the Rocky Hill Trail while planting native plants and capturing rainwater to mitigate some of those challenges. The program is funded through generous support from the Environmental Justice Small Grants Program, administered by the California Environmental Protection Agency.

The Fellowship will focus on the Rocky Hill Trail, with Vacaville students given enrollment priority, but is open to any Solano County high school students who are able to attend the in-person workshops in Vacaville. Participating students will receive a stipend upon completion of the Fellowship.

Rocky Hill Trail Community Day

11 am-3 pm Saturday, Aug. 20

715 Markham Ave. (entrance to the Rocky Hill Trail)

Register here:

Talks on native plants and rainwater capture: 12 pm & 1:30 pm

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