A sample of produce and seafood available from CSAs that deliver to Solano County.

Nothing compares to biting into a fresh-off-the-vine summer tomato or enjoying a slice of pie made with apples right from the tree. There is no debate that fresh-picked produce is superior in taste compared to the chain supermarket equals that are on display under bright lights, losing flavor by the minute. Fortunately, Solano County is surrounded by agriculturally-rich land and offers many options for getting fresher, more nutritious foods on to your dinner plates.

If you are limited on growing space you can join your local community garden or community orchard and enjoy the fruits of your own labor- literally. Farmers’ markets fill downtown areas every year with foods produced by local growers and are a great way to support and honor the hard work of small-scale farmers.

Not everyone, however, has the capacity or time to invest in growing their food or making it down on market days to shop for the week. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) allows you to conveniently receive farm fresh foods, often harvested within 24 hours, delivered directly to your home or you may pick up your box at a drop location right your own city. When you join a CSA, you commit to buying a share of the seasonal harvest up front and receive a weekly delivery of fresh produce, meats, dairy and other specialty goods throughout the growing season. CSAs help to strengthen the relationship between the farmers that grow your fruits and vegetables and you.

There are many opportunities to support local producers and growers but still only a small number of Americans are buying food directly from local food avenues. We seem to have lost our connection between the people who grow our food and the land that sustains through chain grocery shopping. By supporting local farmers, you keep your dollars closer to your local food system, helping transform the local economy. The reality is that for every food dollar spent, only 20 cents goes directly back to the farmer who grew the food- the remainder going to transportation. When you buy local, you support a more sustainable and environmentally conscious method of food delivery by eliminating the need for farmers to spend on fuel-guzzling transportation, packaging and energy use for transportation.

Here are only a few benefits to joining a local CSA:

  • CSAs produce a much greater variety of produce than what you find at local supermarkets.
  • You get exposed to new fruits and vegetables and new ways of cooking. Often included in your box are recipe cards with information for preparing and storing your items as well as nutritional facts.
  • You are often getting produce picked within 24 hours of arriving to your doorstep so produce is fresh, ripe, and never frozen for best taste.
  • Many CSAs offer farm tours where you can meet the people who grow your food, learn sustainable agriculture and see how your food is grown.
  • The money you spend goes right back to the food you eat and into sustaining the operations of the farm you are a member of.


Check out the list of CSA’s that delivery in your area and start receiving nutritious, delicious, farm-fresh foods grow by a local farmer!

CSA Delivery and Drop Locations
Lockewood Acres

Organic farm providing vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat and honey to Vacaville and surrounding areas.

Direct farm pick-up or at

Vacaville Farmer’s Market

Siren Fish Company

Providing sustainably harvested California seafood

Drop location in Benicia


Drop location in Vallejo.

Terra Firma Farm

Certified organic year-round vegetables, fruits and nuts grown locally in Solano and Yolo County

Drop locations in Benicia and Vacaville
Real Food Bay Area

Providing healthy, nutrient dense, sustainable, fresh and prepared foods.

Drop location in Benicia
Eat Well

High-quality, fresh produce, dairy and other specialty goods

Drop location in Vallejo and Vacaville
Tara Firma Farm

Pasture raised beef, pork, chicken,lamb, and turkeyOrganic fruit, eggs, cheese, and vegetables.

Offering home delivery anywhere in California!

Drop location in Benicia.


Natural and organic food distributer delivering more than 14,000 non-GMO and organic local and non-local products direct to families.

Drop location in Benicia