Our Sustainable Backyard program has begun digging into Fairfield! On November 4th, attendees of the first installation workshop at “Mom’s Delight” demonstration food forest site learned basic design principles for building a backyard permaculture food forest and helped build the foundation for this edible garden but grabbing shovels and breaking ground to create water-retaining swales and planting carefully selected trees and plants that work together to thrive. Almost two dozen community members gathered for this meaningful project that will create beauty, resiliency and educational opportunities for Fairfield residents and beyond to learn about growing food, the use of secondary water to feed a garden and community resiliency.  Day One of installation was a total success and attendees took with them tools and techniques that can be applied immediately in their own home gardens.

Our second day of installation was focused on educating on the use and management of secondary water to feed trees and plants. A simple laundry-to-landscape greywater system was installed at this hands-on public workshop.

Felt inspired after attending our workshop and proceeded to put your shovel to use? Please send photos of your transformation and work in the garden to nicole@sustainablesolano.org.

Fairfield Demonstration Food Forest Installation: Day 1 of 3

[The Foundation]

Fairfield Demonstration Food Forest Installation: Day 2 of 3

[Greywater System Installation]

You can still join us on our last day of this three-part installation on Saturday, December 16th where you’ll help plant a fruit tree guild and more diverse  food forest plants that support each other to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. Register here.