Farm-to-Table / Farm-to-Institution

Sustainable Solano is connecting farmers with local restaurants, hospitals, schools and other organizations to create a more robust local food system in Solano County!

If you’re an institutional customer, sourcing local can be a simple as starting with one or two seasonal items. Providing locally grown food to your customers and clients carries multiple benefits.

Learn how your organization could start offering seasonal products from local farms. Contact Local Food Program Manager Stephanie Oelsligle Jordan at


How it Works

Sustainable Solano will help connect you with area farmers for local farm products.

If you purchase specialty crops (including fruits, vegetables, beans, tree nuts and culinary herbs) from a local farm, Sustainable Solano can assist with promotional materials and other resources.

In some instances, Sustainable Solano can help launch your program by leading or coordinating cooking classes featuring specialty crops.

Why Buy Local?

Benefits to you:

  • Super-fresh products — many items are picked to order
  • Build relationships with farmers who can custom-grow for your needs
  • Capture the interest of desirable customers who are trying to buy healthy, local food
  • Customers will know you are sourcing locally and supporting the local economy
  • Membership in the Solano Local Food System Alliance
  • Free promotional materials (flyers, table tents, signage) from Sustainable Solano so customers know you are buying local
  • Free promotion in the Solano Local Food Guide

If you are interested in sourcing local food, contact Local Food Program Manager Stephanie Oelsligle Jordan at


Andrew, Lorraine and Cameron of Eatwell Farm

Institutional Trailblazers

Starting in fall 2019, Kaiser Permanente Vallejo began to source a variety of produce for its cafeteria from Eatwell Farm in Dixon. The hospital gets the benefit of healthy, delicious fruit and vegetables to serve in the cafeteria, while Eatwell gains a new customer and visibility among those who may be looking for ways to make healthy food purchases.

These two players — a local institution and a Solano County farm — are creating a model for future farm-to-institution partnerships. Stay tuned for more news about local organizations and restaurants making the decision to source from farms in Solano County and surrounding areas!

Funding for promotion of specialty crops through the farm-to-institution program was made possible by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service through grant AM190100XXXXG008. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necesssarily represent the official views of the USDA.