Farms and Region

Solano County is made up of 10 distinct agricultural regions, combining parts of the Bay Area, Delta, Coastal Range and Sacramento Valley, which supports a diversity of products. It is home to many farm operations (849 in 2017), ranging from small, family-owned farms to large commodity growers, and had nearly $364 million in production in 2018.

Sustainable Solano’s work focuses on strengthening small to mid-sized farms. This includes supporting the development of a local food system, promoting local farms and farm products in the county, and advancing ways for people to connect with their food, such as through farm-to-table meals or the Bounty of the County celebration of local food. Under a specialty crop block grant, we provide education on specialty crops in the county, including offering seasonal cooking classes and building farm-to-institution connections.

Solano County Agricultural Regions

These regions are recognized for having similar agricultural characteristics

Dixon Ridge – production for field crops, such as tomatoes, alfalfa, and safflower; some of the region’s best farmland; two processing plants

Elmira & Maine Prairie – primarily produces field crops, including alfalfa, corn, and wheat for animal feed, with some grazing to the south

Green Valley – limited agricultural land; historically home to small orchards, but some grow wine grapes

Jepson Prairie – primarily grazing cattle and sheep

Montezuma Hills – a mix of grazing and cropland, including sheep, oats and barley; also used for energy production

Pleasants, Vaca and Lagoon Valleys – diverse with small-scale commodity and niche agriculture, from horse and livestock to wine grapes and organic produce

Ryer Island – primarily produces field crops; some wine grapes and orchards

Suisun Valley – produces grapes for wine, small grains and other fruit crops;

Western Hills – primarily grazing

Winters – produces primarily orchard crops, including walnuts, almonds, and plums; some of the county’s most valuable agricultural land

 Source: Solano County General Plan

Farm Profiles

Be Love Farm, Vacaville

Matthew and Terces Engelhart started Be Love Farm more than a decade ago with a dedication to regenerative farming. The farm produces fruit, vegetables and nuts and a variety of other goods, including wine.

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Eatwell Farm, Dixon

Eatwell Farm sits on 105 acres in Dixon and delivers its organic produce to customers through its CSA program and farmers markets. The farm grows hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables to ensure a diverse offering to its customers. Owner Lorraine Walker took over the farm from her late husband, Nigel, who started Eatwell in 1997.

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Lockewood Acres, Vacaville

Ben and Denise Lyons started their self-sustainable, organic, family farm in 2010 off a 1948 drawing called “Security Acres.” The farm is accessible to the community through the Vacaville Farmers Market and through its Community Supported Agriculture program and at several local restaurants. Lockewood Acres grows heritage fruits, vegetables and animals to add a continuous option of diverse choices throughout the growing season.

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Soul Food Farm, Vacaville

Eric and Alexis Koefoed bought the property in 1997 and officially named it Soul Food Farm in 2000. The farm is known for its pastured eggs and olive oil and partners with Morningsun Herb Farm in a lavender business.

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Tenbrink Farms, Suisun Valley

Steve and Linda Tenbrink started their first farm on a 5-acre orchard in 1982 and now farm over 100 acres in Suisun Valley. Tenbrink Farms grows fruits, vegetables, nuts and grapes for wine using sustainable practices that build healthy soil. While the farm previously had a roadside fruit stand and participated in farmers markets, its sales are now primarily to restaurants. The farm was the county’s first to be a dedicated easement, now managed by the Solano Land Trust so that it cannot ever be parceled or used for purposes other than agriculture.

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Terra Firma Farm, Winters and Solano

Terra Firma is a 200-acre organic farm that grows a variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts. The farm has been in operation since the late 1980s, focusing on its Community Supported Agriculture program, which provides weekly boxes of fresh produce to 1,200 families around Winters, Vacaville, Benicia, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Area. Terra Firma Farm seeks to provide nutritious produce to local communities while providing year-round employment for its farmworker crew.

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Wilkinson Acres, Fairfield

Mike and Courtney Wilkinson’s Suisun Valley farm sits on 5 acres and uses low-till practices to build soil and intensively grow CCOF certified organic produce, including mixed stone fruit and seasonal

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