We will provide periodic updates on the process of creating two sustainable pilot sites at Hampton Bay HOA.

After finalizing the designs for the two pilot sites with the HOA, Permaculture Designer Michael Wedgley and landscaper Jerry Saitta met at the site to talk over the designs. Both sites will replace the grass with sustainable, low-maintenance, waterwise landscaping that captures rainwater and incorporates native plants.

At the larger site, Michael marked the location of the swales — in-ground trenches that will capture rainwater and roofwater from the nearby building so that the water can sink into the ground, build healthy soil and provide on-site water for the plants. The smaller pilot site will also have a swale that captures roofwater.

Jerry and Michael discussed digging the swales, plant spacing and other aspects of the project. The next step will be to begin the installation.

Large pilot site
Small pilot site