Farm Fire Recovery

Fire Relief

We want to thank the donors and Solano Community Foundation for stepping forward to support our local farmers, ranchers, wineries and agritourism businesses that lost property in Solano County’s 2020 summer wildfires. When the fires tore through the county, Sustainable Solano began to take in donations through our Bounty of the County: Stronger Together program to raise funds for farm relief and recovery. Community support poured in through individual donations and fundraising efforts, and the Solano Community Foundation offered additional disaster funding to aid in recovery and rebuilding.

Through this funding, our Solano County community was able to help 12 businesses with awards of between $1,000 and $2,500. With this money, farms were able to begin recovery projects that included replacement livestock, fixing burned fences and replacing hedges, building a new barn and bringing in hay for livestock, replacement machinery, restoring wells, and replacing bee colonies.

Funds also supported seeds for a reseeding project, and “From Ashes to Springtime,” an art and music event that raised additional funds to help local farms.

You can continue to support our Solano County farms by buying local. Learn more about how to do that here!


Bounty of the County Donor Letter

Through Bounty of the County: Stronger Together, our community donated almost $10,350 to help our farms, wineries, ranches and agritourism businesses. Click below to read the letter sent to those donors and learn more ways to help.

News and Updates

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

The weekend of Dec. 19 was just past the four month mark from the LNU Lightning Complex Fire that ripped through Vacaville’s rural area. Instead of looking at the destruction and blackened hills with a feeling of loss and overwhelming grief, the weekend offered the first glimmers of hope.