By Nicole Newell


Did you attend the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium in December?  I did, and it woke me up.  I was ready to see what was next, and signed up for the Pachamama Alliance’s 8 week Gamechanger Intensive program. The Gamechanger Intensive is an online class that you can access whenever you have free time. I started each day watching a video or reading an article that is beyond inspirational. One of my favorites included Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff’s 20 minute video that will make you think about the true cost of things before you buy.  Lynne Twist spoke on the politics of optimism and how people in despair almost never change anything. 

It is clear to me that now is the time to deepen our values and, find connectivity with every single human being.  Fierce LOVE is required at this time. We need each other. Together we are genius.  These words inspire me to get out of my comfort zone and do what I know is right.  I share the vision with the Pachamama Alliance. I too want an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. To wake from the “American Dream” and create a New Dream for humanity. I used to think that I wasn’t smart enough or I that didn’t have anything to offer. Taking this class has helped me to get the courage to take action, in the way that feels most right to me–as Sustainable Landscaping Program Manager. I am currently doing tasks that are completely new to me (like blogging!) but I know stretching my comfort zone is worth it. If you are looking for ways to reflect, find each other, and be genius, check out the Pachamama Alliance website to learn more about the Gamechanger Intensive.