Sept. 12, 2022
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High School Students Can Find Meaningful Opportunities with Sustainable Solano

Sustainable Solano will have numerous opportunities for Solano high school students to participate in internships and Fellowships starting this fall. Different programs will center around community resilience, urban agriculture and gardens, or local food and cooking.

Interns will support Sustainable Solano programs and gain valuable research and hands-on experience in these areas of interest. They also will build leadership skills around sharing what they have learned with the community, local leaders, peers and others. The internships include a monthly stipend of $150 for students who meet program requirements.

High school youth interested in participating in SuSol programs can learn more during an introductory certification session. Certification is required for any Solano high school student planning to join a paid internship, though students can attend a certification session even if they are not ready to apply for an internship.

The free certification sessions, offered online and in-person, explore environmental challenges at a global, community and individual level, bringing the discussion to bear on youth leadership and engagement around environmental justice. The next online session starts Sept. 22, and an in-person session is planned for Vacaville in October.

Upcoming Fellowship and internship opportunities include:

  • Youth Air Protectors (Fairfield): Air Protectors will research the air quality challenges for their communities, create outreach campaigns and support community-based projects centered around air quality, including air sensor installation and air quality mitigation projects, culminating in an air quality plan for the City of Fairfield.
  • Environmental Justice Leadership Fellowship (Vacaville): Fellowship participants will study environmental data for the local community, discuss the environmental challenges and potential solutions for their communities, and participate in hands-on workshops to help beautify the Rocky Hill Trail while planting native plants and capturing rainwater to mitigate some of those challenges.
  • Sustainable Landscaping and Garden-based internships (various Solano County locations): Depending on the program, interns will gain a basic understanding of permaculture, learn how to install and maintain sustainable landscapes or community gardens, build healthy soil, learn planting methods, capture rainwater, and participate in community engagement.
  • Culinary and Local Food internships (various Solano County locations): Depending on the program, interns will learn about the larger local food system, how to prepare healthy, seasonal produce, grow their comfort in the kitchen and learn basic food preparation skills, and teach others about local food. The first cohort will be in Vacaville, with others to follow elsewhere in the county.

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About Sustainable Solano

Sustainable Solano is a countywide nonprofit organization that is dedicated to “Nurturing Initiatives for the Good of the Whole.” The organization, now in its second decade, brings together programs that support and sustain one another and the Solano County community. Initiatives include sustainable landscaping, local food, resilient neighborhoods, youth leadership, sustaining conversations and community gardens.

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