Elements of a Food Forest Garden

How to Create a Waterwise, Edible Landscape

Join Derek Downey of Whole System Designs as he goes through the steps of creating Pollinators Paradise, a demonstration food forest garden in Dixon, as part of the Solano Sustainable Backyards program.

Food Forest Design

Swale & Berm

Healthy Soil & Sheet Mulching

Planting Fruit Trees

Food Forest Layers



Edible Landscapes: A Food Forest Garden Q&A

Derek met with Sustainable Solano’s Food Forest Keepers and other interested attendees to talk about food forests and answer questions.

Resources from Derek Downey’s Q&A

Here are some online resources that will help Food Forest Keepers:


Global Inventory of Perennial Plants PDFHere is a link to website version and more from the creator of this resource: http://www.perennialsolutions.org/a-global-inventory-of-perennial-vegetables
Here is an Online Nursery of perennial vegetables, based in Humboldt County: https://www.rollingrivernursery.com/component/virtuemart/perennial-vegetables-and-herbs/perennial-vegetables

Fruit Trees
Here’s a excellent resource regarding planting a fruit tree guild: https://www.tenthacrefarm.com/how-to-

Soldier Fly Bin/Bio Pod
My Soldier Fly Bin has grubs already since the Q&A! It is a warm-season composting alternative (quickly turn any food waste in to chicken / fish feed). It will not yield much compost (only 5% of feedstock material will remain as castings) as most of the biomass is converted into grub biomass.