Our Shepherd’s Heart

Food Forest Keeper: Winston & Joe

Bio written by their daughter, Chantoll

Winston was born and raised on a farm in Jamaica. Being raised on a farm, my father has a deep understanding of the value that the land can bring forth, not only to bless his family but all the surrounding families in Jamaica. Often his mother would take from the land and cook amazing dishes to share with those who were in need. This love and dedication to the land was passed down to my father and all the recipes were passed down to my sisters and I. My father currently lives in Vacaville on a double lot, he can fit three good size pools in his yard if he chose to. In fact all the neighboring houses have done so. My father has refused and has always wanted a small farm in his backyard and to share with the community what the land yields.

Now, you’re probably wondering why my father has not done this himself? My mother had an aneurysm in the back of her brain stem about 20 years ago. This left her completely paralyzed and she is now a quadriplegic.  She cannot talk or take care of even basic bodily functions. My father’s love for her is so deep that he cares for her every day and has even found a way to communicate with her. My parents have been married for 44 years and they still act like newlyweds. My mother needs 24-hour care, my father has help from my sister and I, but it’s not enough. His dream is to have a community garden. We are so very excited and feel truly blessed to have Sustainable Solano and the community help make this dream into a reality.

Site Details

Installation Date:

May 2021


1,150 square feet

Sun Exposure:

6 hours



Number of Swales:


Secondary Water:


Roof water diverted to swales

Total annual water impact:

34,408 gallons


Designer: Scott Dodson


Plant List:


Asian Pear (Shinseiki), Cherry, Orange (Washington Navel), Pomegranate (Wonderful)

Blackberry (Superlicious), Blueberry, Lantana (Bandana Rose), Lavender Munstead, Raspberry (Shortcake), Rose, Rosemary, Sage, Salvia greggi

Alyssum, Aloe, Borage, Chives, Comfrey, Mint, Thyme, Tree Collards, Yarrow

Calendula, Creeping Thyme, Nasturtium, Oregano, Strawberry

Grape (Flame, Thompson)


My family and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those that came out and helped install Our Shepherd’s Heart food forest in my parents’ front yard! We so enjoyed having the community come together, cultivating not only plants but new relationships. We all learned a lot about creating a food forest from Sustainable Solano and shared a delicious lunch provided courtesy of Rasta Mama’s Kitchen.

Vision for the Future:

Our Shepherd’s Heart garden is an extension of Joe’s love for her community. Before she fell ill, Joe used to feed the neighborhood kids. All the kids in the neighborhood knew if they were having problems at home that Joe’s house was a safe place to go. She would love them, feed them, and attend to their saddend hearts. This garden is an extension of her love for her community and for all the kids who are now grown up. Even though she can’t physically create beautiful meals with her hands anymore she hopes that this garden will still feed her extended family, her community.

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Our Shepherd's Heart