Suisun City Resilient Neighborhoods

Our Resilient Neighborhoods program expanded in January 2021 into Suisun City. Building on Suisun City’s relationship to the water and marsh, our focus in Suisun relates to adapting to and mitigating the impacts of flooding due to future storm events, tidal surges, and rising sea levels. Working with our data partners, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission’s Adapting to Rising Tides program, and the local government of the City of Suisun, our Resilient Neighborhoods work broadens on the neighborhood model used in Vallejo to see how the collective community can work together to address rising waters through the Flood Resilience Action Plan.

In developing the plan, our work encompasses raising awareness and educating the public on the impacts of flooding for the residents and stakeholders of Suisun City while also building out a resilient neighborhood in a socially vulnerable community subject to flooding in downtown Suisun. Learn more about the flood risks Suisun City faces in this article from KneeDeep Times.

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Flood Resilience Action Plan

Currently in preliminary planning stages, the Flood Resilience Action Plan will be a guiding document for the city of Suisun to address immediate to long-term flooding impacts. We look forward to your involvement in the creation of the plan over the next year with community workshops and educational opportunities. As part of these efforts, please attend one of our Flood Walks or review the Flood Walk brochure to learn more about the effects of flooding in Suisun City and what you can do at your home to add a layer of resilience against flooding.

Upcoming Flood Walks will be from 4-5 pm on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Register for the latest Flood Walks here.

Flood Walk brochure (learn about the risks of flooding in Suisun City):


    Model Resilient Neighborhood

    A Resilient Neighborhood is a place conducive to life, like our native ecosystems, which are naturally regenerative and resilient. Looking to nature as our guide, we envision neighborhoods that are better equipped to adapt and thrive in the face of environmental, social and economic changes. Foundational elements include vegetation and trees that create shade, provide habitat and clean the air, food-producing landscapes, and sustainable water management practices focused on secondary water sources, stormwater diversion and groundwater recharge. The people in a Resilient Neighborhood are deeply connected to each other, and to their collective land and native ecosystems.

    We are currently looking for yards, parks, and community spaces to showcase as model projects in mitigating flood and storm water events across downtown Suisun City. El Bosquecito, a demonstration food forest garden installed through the Solano Sustainable Backyards program, is a great example of how individual homeowners and communities can employ techniques that mitigate flooding. Learn more about that garden here.

    If you or your neighbors are interested in participating in a free yard transformation or have a site in mind, please fill out our Sustainable Landscaping Interest Form to be considered for installations this upcoming fall.

    Other Ways to be Involved

    We are always looking for new partners in our work and fresh ideas on how to improve the Resilient Neighborhoods program across Suisun City and Solano County. Please email the Resilient Communities Program Manager at to connect about our work.

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