West Winds

Food Forest Keeper: Karen

As a 4-H Community Leader in Solano County, I saw the potential for a great partnership with Sustainable Solano. The opportunity to bridge the work of Sustainable Solano with the inquisitive minds of the 4-H youth in our county has been like planting a seed in the ground and watching the miracle of growth.

Site Details

Installation Date:

January 2023


1100 square feet

Sun Exposure:

8+ hours



Number of Swales:


Secondary Water:

Lawn Conversion


Roofwater Diverted to Swales

Total annual water impact:

68,762 gallons


Designers: John Davenport (swales & berms); Scott Dodson (plants)

Plant List:


Apricot (Tilton), Bottle Brush (dwarf), Lemon (Dwarf Meyer), Manzanita(Howard McMinn),
Peach (Evas Pride), Pineapple Guava, Pomegranate

Blackberry (thornless), Butterfly bush, Capers, Ceanothus, Cigar Plant, Elderberry, French Lavender, Guardsman New Zealand Flax, Lemon Verbena, Mexican bush sage, Raspberry (thornless), Rosemary, Salvia (Hot Lips), Toyon

Asparagus, Borage, Chamomile (German), Chives, Comfrey, Hyssop, Parsley, Penstemon, Tree Collard, Oregano, Yarrow

Strawberry, Clover, Creeping Thyme (Pink Chintz)

Garlic, Onion



This install was not meant to be a completed garden, but instead, we’ve created a canvas for learning and experimentation for years to come. As with any great learning experience, there were challenges to overcome, mistakes to learn from and surprise successes.

Vision for the Future:

I look forward to using the space for our 4-H projects, experiment with the plantings for our climate and welcome the ever-evolving process of learning about growing food, healthy soil and water management.