“The Juice House Co. Improving Health Through The Power of Food Energy”

By: Tiana Duvauchelle, Owner

The Juice House Co. believes in the pursuit of positively impacting lives through the power of  food energy. Together as a community, we unite as healthy beings through our offerings of Fresh, Raw, Organic Cold-Pressed Juice, Kombucha, Nut Mylks and Cold Brew Coffee.

I have shared my love of yoga at Yoga House Co. and to communities around the East Bay since 2012 and continue to, but in 2016 my sweet sister and I felt like we had more to give, more to share and more to offer to our local community; the dimension of FOOD YOGA.   The journey of yoga begins with the physical body. The physical body “our food body” needs to be nourished.  This body, consists of a material body built from the food we eat.   With that as our forefront, we must feed our bodies with the most purest form of energy; organic fruits, veggies, nuts and grains.  We built the Juice House Co. as a medium of offering food in its most purest form through my creative expression of love and devotion to all being everywhere.

Deep down, we all have the desire to eat healthy and be healthy,  but we also live lives where we eat compulsively, away from home and so convenience it key. The Juice House Co. is here to offers this new flavor, with this new take on healthy indulgences

We work closely with our local, organic suppliers to create the best product with the best ingredients for our all favorite juice junkies.  We strive to minimize waste  through recycling/reusing bottles,  to sharing our leftover compost with local growers, to upcycling our coffee grounds!

All Juice, Kombucha, Nut Mylks & Cold Brewed Coffee are locally sourced, pressed, bottled, and enjoyed! The Juice House Co. team is excited to share this food energy, this food yoga, one of the greatest wonders of life,  pure raw energy given to us by Mother Earth.

Find us on First Street in Benicia for our fresh goods, friendly staff, great jams, good vibes and loving spirits….or order your goods online for pick up!


320 W. Channel Rd A-1
Benicia, CA 94510