Leveling a swale

Leveling a swale

Thanks to the Solano County Water Agency, we are able to expand our Benicia Sustainable Backyard Program to the cities of Fairfield and Vallejo in 2017.

The program is designed to support regenerative landscaping in Solano County in conjunction with the changing climate and persistent drought, demonstrate simple and affordable water-saving techniques (laundry-to-landscape greywater systems, rainwater harvesting in the ground with help of simple swales, and roofwater diversion directly to landscapes,) and to encourage creation of diverse ecosystems in our backyards, including food-producing plants, while still conserving water and other resources.

In 2017 we will offer sustainable landscaping educational series in Fairfield and Vallejo (everybody is welcome!).  The program includes free talks and lectures on sustainable landscaping and permaculture, and a series of hands-on workshops on greywater installation, earthwork to retain rainwater, and permaculture food forests installation and maintenance. Please check our calendar regularly for updated schedules and registration details.

We are looking for houses in Fairfield and Vallejo to plant demonstration food forest gardens. If you are interested to learn more, please email to info@sustainablesolano.org.

Professional landscapers, both experienced and new, are welcome to explore our Land Caretakers Training where we teach the same simple techniques in depth necessary to incorporate these practices into your businesses.

To preview the impact of this program, please plan to visit Benicia demonstration food forests during public tours in January – May 2017.