By Sustainable Solano

Sustainable Solano Local Food Program Manager Stephanie Oelsligle Jordan  serves up sauces at a cooking class in Benicia.

Our Local Food Program manager, Stephanie Oelsligle Jordan, recently spoke with O. Johnson on his SolanoFit podcast about the importance of healthy food, local food and supporting a local food system.

She discussed the value placed on food and the need to shift public perception about where our food comes from to build a strong market for good quality, nutrient-dense food that was grown sustainably — and the health and economic benefits of paying a little more now for healthy food to avoid health costs down the road.

Stephanie and O. talked about Sustainable Solano’s mission to create an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially just food system in the county and region in a conversation that ranged from the demand for convenience and snack foods to farms that create diverse ecosystems that build healthier soil and healthier food. They also discussed how to get involved and the power of planting a backyard garden for access to food and building community.

Listen in to learn a bit about Stephanie, her background, how she became a chef, joining Sustainable Solano and her passion for building a local food system.

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