By Stephanie Oesligie Jordan, Project Manager, Chef

On October 25, Sustainable Solano kicked off it’s “Solano Community Food Centers” planning grant – funded by USDA -with an Advisory Board meeting in Benicia, CA.

Attending the meeting were an enthusiastic group representing UC Davis and Solano County, as well as Solano County farmers and community leaders. Board members discussed what aspect of the project each of them could help with, and where their individual expertise could bring goals to fruition. The first phase of the planning grant includes a feasibility study, which will begin with data collection and analysis. As we work through phase 1, we aim to have a clearer picture of Solano County’s local food supply, its existing distribution systems, and an analysis of historical sales data. To this end, Dr. Kristin Kiesel of UC Davis gave a brief presentation on the proposed structure of the feasibility study, and the types of data needed to achieve our goals.

Thanks again to our Advisory Board members! Sustainable Solano is grateful for everyone’s participation and willingness to volunteer their time and talents!


David Campbell, Associate Dean, Social and Human Sciences, UC Davis

Robin Cox, Sr. Health Services Manager, Solano Public Health

Gail Feenstra, Deputy Director SAREP, UC Davis

Simone Hardy, Agricultural Commissioner, Solano County

Mike Ioakimedes, Business Development Manager, Solano County Fairgrounds

Kristin Kiesel, Lecturer PSOE, Agricultural & Resource Economics Dept, UC Davis

Wendy Loomas, Health Services Manager, Solano Public Health

Ben Lyons, Farmer, Lockewood Acres

Denise Lyons, Farmer + Criminalist Supervisor, Solano County DA

Jahniah McGill, Environmental Health Supervisor, Solano County

Greg Morrison, Board Member, Cultivate Community Food Co-Op

Stann Whipple, Treasurer, Board of Directors, Sustainable Solano

Wendy Rash,  District Conservationist for the Vacaville Service Center, USDA-NRCS

Sarah Hawkins, Solano County Farmbudsman

For more information on Sustainable Solano’s USDA LFPP grant, click here.