Land Caretakers Program

Sustainable Solano launched a Land Caretakers program in 2015 that offered training in sustainable landscaping for professionals seeking a more sustainable way of work.

Sustainable Solano worked with Solano County’s Small Business Administration to train a select number of qualified local residents with some foundational knowledge in horticulture and/or small construction (plumbing), in practical aspects of permaculture and sustainable landscaping, water re-use, chicken-keeping, and the business, legal and human aspects of running a small business in Solano County.

The vision was that after completion of the five-month training program, participants would be capable (and well positioned in the local community) to create their own sole proprietorship businesses to offer such services in Solano County. 


Learn more about the program in this reflection by Kathleen Huffman, one of the program’s first participants.

Land Caretakers: Reflection and Renewal

So much has happened in the course of my time with the program that to try and get it all into one article is difficult at best. What an amazing adventure these classes have been. Some classes are hands on, and we get to install urban food forests in various places around the city. Some sessions are “off campus” and are wonderful field trips to visit various people and places. And then some days are opportunities to learn to run a profitable business. [Read more here]