Resilient Neighborhoods

Collective Actions. Shared Solutions

What is a Resilient Neighborhood?

Resilient Neighborhoods are places conducive to life, like our native ecosystems, which are naturally regenerative and resilient. Looking to nature as our guide, we envision neighborhoods that are better equipped to adapt and thrive in the face of environmental, social and economic changes. Foundational elements include vegetation and trees that create shade, provide habitat and clean the air, food-producing landscapes, and sustainable water management practices focused on secondary water sources, stormwater diversion and groundwater recharge. The
people in a Resilient Neighborhood are deeply connected to each other, and to their collective land and native ecosystems. By coming together through this shared mission, authentic and enduring relationships have a chance to flourish through both the visioning process and the act of installing these physical retrofits, creating a robust web of support and resources that are a critical element of community resilience and an import asset in times of need.

The mission of the Resilient Neighborhoods program is to demonstrate the potential for neighborhoods to better serve both people and the planet, encourage replication, and inform policy thinking that will foster an environment supportive of this type of retrofit approach.

Our Vision for the Resilient Neighborhoods Program

Expanding on our Sustainable Backyards initiative, our vision for the Resilient Neighborhoods program is to unite neighbors in working collaboratively, with the support of the greater community, to transform their block into a robust and regenerative urban ecosystem that mimics nature in performing valuable functions like producing food, filtering air and cycling water. We hope to create a culture of collaboration and mutual investment in a brighter future, instilling new social and environmental connections within communities across the county.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting involved, contact Resilient Neighborhoods Program Manager Gabriela Estrada at 

Resilient Neighborhoods 

Our first Resilient Neighborhood was Morningside Botanical Bounty, which was made up of four neighboring homes in Vallejo. We started Growing Together, the second Resilient Neighborhood in Vallejo, in 2020. For more details, click on the photos below.

Resilient Neighborhood: Morningside Botanical Bounty

Learn more about our Resilient Neighborhoods program and our first Resilient Hub in the video below. If you’re feeling inspired, we want to hear what transformative action you want to bring to your own neighborhood!

Share your inspiration:

  • Vision Form (use this printable form to sketch out what you want to see in your neighborhood)
  • Project Interest Form (fill out this online form to share your vision with us)



This program has been generously funded by the Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation Foundation.