Resilient Neighborhoods

Collective Actions. Shared Solutions

What are Resilient Neighborhoods?

  • Resilient Neighborhoods are places conducive to life, like our native ecosystems, which are naturally regenerative and resilient. By looking to nature as our guide, we can transform our neighborhoods into regenerative urban ecosystems that are better equipped to adapt and thrive in the face of our changing climate.  Expanding on our Sustainable Backyards initiative, our vision for the Resilient Neighborhoods program is to unite neighbors to work collaboratively, with the support of the greater community, to install low-cost, low-tech sustainability elements that restore valuable services back to our built environment, like producing food, filtering air and cycling water. We hope to create a culture of collaboration and mutual investment in a brighter future, instilling new social and environmental connections within the community.

  • If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, contact Resilient Neighborhoods Program Manager Kassie Munro at