Solano Gardens Community

Part of the vision for Solano Gardens is creating a network of Solano County gardeners and land stewards, “satellite gardens” who grow your own food or food for your communities, who can share knowledge, resources and opportunities with each other.

We invite you to share your stories with us and the Solano Gardens Community!

Share your story and process around growing food, planting a tree, caring for backyard chickens, making a delicious seasonal meal and more. These can include photos, videos, social media posts or written testimonials.

Send your stories to with “Solano Gardens: Satellite Gardens” in the subject line. By emailing us, you are giving Sustainable Solano permission to share out those items with the Solano Gardens Community and the wider public.

We are excited to connect and share widely the process of growing health and wealth in our communities. And with your help, we can inspire others to join us in these efforts.


Bare-Root Fruit Tree Giveaway Update

Photo credit: Mid City Nursery

We were astounded by the number of people interested in receiving and growing fruit trees who responded to the Bare-Root Fruit Tree Giveaway. Unfortunately, due to the large response, all trees in the current giveaway have been reserved, and a limit set of one tree per household to try to serve as many people as possible. It fills us with such joy to know we have such a vast network of tree lovers — a network which we had no idea was so big! We extend our apologies for any inconvenience that may result from this change of plans.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 

Upcoming Resources

We are excited to offer other resources in the coming months to the Solano Gardens Community. Check back here for updates, new giveaways and more!

Care Tips

Caring for your Plants

Thank you for your interest in growing food for your community. Caring for trees and plants is a sacred service to yourself, your community and the planet. To steward life is all about relationships. As you put your tree, plant or seed into the ground, wish it well. Tenderly care for the plants, watering them, visiting with them, cultivating companion plants around them.

Drop into patience, observe growth, and respond to its needs. After its natural cycle of taking root, and growing strong, this plant will produce fruit or vegetation to eat. Harvest with care.

The process of harvesting food or medicine from a plant is a lifelong process. Some plants will only bear fruit after many seasons of careful cultivation.

Time table of care before harvest

– Annual vegetable start – 40-70 days
– Perennial Berry Bush – 1-3 years
– Fruit and Nut Trees – 5- 10 years for mature fruit

Caring for your Bare-Root Fruit Tree

Here are some resources to help with planting and pruning your new tree. Our local nurseries can provide expert advice as well on the care of your specific type of tree.

SuSol’s Plant Resources (click here and scroll down for fruit tree planting and pruning resources)

Winter Fruit Tree Care (watch this video to learn about how to care for your fruit trees in the winter, including planting bare-root fruit trees, from Lemuria Nursery’s Kristina Fink)

Planting a Bare-Root Fruit Tree (watch this short video for quick tips on planting your tree)

How to Plant a Fruit Tree (this video gives details on planting bare-root vs. potted trees)

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