Resources to Take Action

Sustainable Landscaping

Hire a sustainable landscaping professional

Learn how to create a sustainable yard (click on any of these demonstration food forests to see what was used in each)

Learn more about plants, soil and water resources.

Have a property in mind perfect for a future project? Fill out our Sustainable Landscaping Interest Form

See if you qualify for Solano County’s Low Water Landscape Assistance Program.

Community Conversations

Review our speaker list and suggest topics or speakers

Host a talk, community workshop or event (contact us at info@sustainablesolano.org)

Learn about our Listening Circles to engage the local community

Next Economy

Learn about our Conversations series on the Next Economy

Ask yourself the Heirarchy of Consumption questions before making a purchase

Do the businesses you support meet some of the guidelines on this Next Economy checklist?

Find local food that supports the local economy

Find a Certified B Corporation