Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, programs are a vital part of building our local food system. (There are even Community Supported Fisheries in our area!) CSAs create a way for community members to buy a share of the harvest directly from local farmers. Customers pay a set amount and receive a box of seasonal produce or other farm products in return (often weekly, though some programs are bi-weekly or monthly). Such arrangements help farmers receive a greater share of the money paid, bring customers fresh, local produce and promote health, community and the local economy.
CSAs create a closer connection between farmers and customers. Many farms provide newsletters and recipes to CSA members and some offer special farm visits!

Read more about the history of CSAs here.

What are the benefits?

Subscribing to a CSA gives you:

  • Super fresh products! Produce is often picked within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Exposure to new varieties of local fruits and vegetables.
  • Opportunities to learn new ways of cooking. Nearly all farms send weekly recipes.
  • A chance to support your local economy.

Where can I find one?


Benicia CSA Center:

Eatwell Farm, Terra Firma Farm, Real Good Fish, Tara Firma Farm, The Lazy Barn

(Boxes from all these farms are delivered to a drop site in Benicia)

Individual drop sites:

Riverdog Farm (near I-780 Southhampton Road exit)

Umbel Roots (delivery)


Individual drop sites:

Eatwell Farm (The Barn & Pantry at West A and North Adams streets)

Lockewood Acres (The Barn & Pantry at West A and North Adams streets)

The Barn & Pantry

Umbel Roots (delivery)


Individual drop sites:

Eatwell Farm (Kolob Drive and Oliver Road)

Full Belly Farm (drop site at Green Valley Tractor)

Real Good Fish (at Il Fiorello Olive Oil Co., Mankas Corner Road)

The Lazy Barn

Umbel Roots (home delivery)


Individual drop sites:

Eatwell Farm (private residence)

Riverdog Farm (near Muller Street and Lincoln Road West)

Umbel Roots (home delivery)


Individual drop sites:

Be Love Farm (starting a CSA for pickup at the farm)

Eatwell Farm (Blue Ridge Lane and Crestview Drive, and Alamo and Grandview drives)

Lockewood Acres (at the farm, Vacaville Farmers Market and Sweet Pea’s)

Riverdog Farm (waitlist for near North Alamo Drive and Mojave Court)

Sweet Pea’s Boutique (891 Alamo Dr.)

Terra Firma Farm (near Orlando Court and Arcadia Drive)

Umbel Roots (home delivery)

What do these farms offer?

Be Love Farm Weekly basket of farm goods that could include fresh produce, olive oil, nuts and bread. Contact for more information.
Eatwell Farm High-quality, fresh produce, dairy and other specialty goods
Full Belly Farm Get your favorite fruits and vegetables as well as new things to try each week
Cloverleaf Farm Peaches, apricots, pluots, plums, nectarines, walnuts and almonds
Lockewood Acres Organic farm providing vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat and honey to Vacaville and surrounding areas.
Real Good Fish Local, fresh fish delivered to your neighborhood
Real Food Bay Area Healthy, nutrient-dense, sustainable fresh and prepared foods
Riverdog Farm Just-picked, seasonal, organic fruit and vegetables as well as pork and chicken
Tara Firma Farm Pasture-raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey. Organic fruit, eggs, cheese and vegetables.
Terra Firma Farm Certified organic year-round vegetables, fruits and nuts grown locally in Solano and Yolo County
Umbel Roots Organic produce, eggs, proprietary herbal tea blend, small quantities of lamb and beef

How do I sign up?

Please visit the farm’s website and follow their instructions for becoming a member. Typically, you set up an account, select a pickup site and then you’re ready to go! In the case of individual drop sites, farms will give CSA members the exact pickup address (sometimes they are on private property).


Can I get a drop site in my neighborhood?

Yes, you can! If you are interested in helping us create a drop site in your own community, please contact us at Once the farms have their minimum number of members signed up, they can start delivering, and Sustainable Solano might be able to help launch the new site with a cooking class.


This program is supported through financial contributions from our CSA members and generous funding from the Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation.

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