“From conversation, to inspiration, to initiative, to manifestation in the world.”

This is our way to engage the community! We envision series of talks, movies, lectures and guided conversations throughout Solano County to inspire and support grassroot initiatives for the good of the whole.

We do not have all the answers, but we are asking questions. According to Socrates, “understanding a question is half an answer.” We hope these questions will help guide all of us as we embark on our quest for answers to our key question: how do we co-create a world that works for everyone?

Questions to guide our meaningful conversations in the community: ** Adopted from Martin Large. Common Wealth: for a free, equal, mutual and sustainable society

Denise Rushing in Suisun City

Author, permaculture expert and former elected official (Lake County Board of Supervisors) DENISE RUSHING helped launch our Conversations and Sustainable Backyard program in Suisun City this year by sharing how to engage, enroll and transform a community from the grassroots by choosing fun projects and initiatives that have the potential to connect across the spectrum.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, June 27th

‘Symphony of the Soil’

6:00pm-8:00pm (Benicia Public Library, 150 East L Street, Benicia)

‘Symphony of the Soil’  explores the complexity and mystery of soil. Filmed on four continents and sharing the voices of some of the world’s mostesteemed soil scientists, farmers and activists, the film portrays soil as a protagonist of our planetary story. Using a captivating mix of art and science, the film shows that soil is a complex living organism, the foundation of life on earth. Through the knowledge and wisdom revealed in this film, we can come to respect, even revere, this miraculous substance, and appreciate that treating the soil right can help solve some of our most pressing environmental problems.

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