Solano Gardens

The Vision for Solano Gardens

Our vision is to combine forces with community members and organizations interested in creating edible gardens based on the principles of permaculture and secondary water use (rainwater, laundry-to-landscape greywater systems), to serve as a source of fresh produce, inspiration and companionship for people in need across diverse communities in Solano County.

In partnership with Solano County, our first year of the Solano Gardens program identified four sites for gardens: Armijo High School and Laurel Gardens Apartment Complex, both in Fairfield, and a Vallejo Together transitional home and Emmanuel Temple Apostolic Church, both in Vallejo. Roll over and click on the photos below to learn more about each project, its impact on the community and lessons learned. Read the full report on the first year of the program here.

We continue to look for sites that would benefit from food-producing gardens. Have a site in mind? Fill out this Sustainable Landscaping Interest Form or contact  Solano Gardens Program Manager Gabriela Estrada at gabriela@sustainablesolano.org

Learn more about how a community garden can be the heart of a neighborhood in this video at the Emmanuel Temple garden, then click the images below to learn more about each garden.


Video courtesy of John Davenport of Cali Ground Troops and ShadowPower Productions.

Each garden design is unique to the community it serves and offers opportunities for members to build relationships and grow organic produce in neighborhoods with limited access to fresh, good-quality produce. Participating organizations will gather their own team of community champions passionate about sustainable food to care for the garden.

The installations serve as an educational platform for sustainable landscape practice where participants can learn the principles of sustainable urban agriculture. Workshops are free and open to the community. Following installations, Sustainable Solano provides garden support for 18 months.

After finishing our first successful year of Solano Gardens, we are looking for possible sites for our second year of the program. If you know of a site that might be a good location for a garden, contact Solano Gardens Program Manager Gabriela Estrada at gabriela@sustainablesolano.org or fill out our Sustainable Landscaping Interest Form.


The Solano Gardens program is funded through Solano County as a part of the Solano Community Health Improvement Plan.


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