Solano Gardens

About Solano Gardens

Solano Gardens collaborates with community members and organizations to create edible gardens based on the principles of permaculture to serve as a source of fresh produce, inspiration and companionship for people in need across diverse communities. Each garden design is unique to the community it serves and cared for by community champions passionate about sustainable food.

What Solano Gardens Offers

The Solano Gardens program has grown beyond its original scope of creating and supporting gardens that provide access to fresh produce in communities that have historically experienced limited access to healthy food. With the expansion of the program, the broader goal is to help Solano communities regain control over the growing, sharing and preparing of food in the following ways:

  • Create and support community gardens
  • Provide resources to community gardens and home gardeners, such as
    • Plants, seeds and trees
    • Chickens and coops
    • Beehives with bees
    • Aquaponics kits
  • Creating a network of support for residents interested in producing their own food
  • Culinary training classes for youth with fresh, seasonal produce
  • A farm feasibility study of best approaches to support farming and food production in Solano County


Explore the Gardens

Solano Gardens supports more than 12 gardens. Learn about these community gardens here!

We continue to look for sites that would benefit from food-producing gardens. Have a site in mind?
Fill out our Sustainable Landscaping Interest Form here!

Interested in resources to support your home or community garden, such as plants, seeds, chickens or bees?
Fill out our Solano Gardens Interest Form here!

If you are part of the Solano Gardens Community, we want to hear your stories!
Learn more about available resources and connect with the community here!

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Lentils in War & Peace

Lentils in War & Peace

As a comforting, versatile food quick enough for weeknight cooking, lentils will keep you well fed all winter. But they’re good to eat at any time. People in many countries eat lentils to ensure prosperity in the year to come. Canada is the world’s leading producer and exporter of lentils. In India, 6.3 million tons of lentils are produced in a year.

City Church: Coming Together for Community Impact

City Church: Coming Together for Community Impact

Putting together community gardens has varying degrees of success, but our recent turnout at City Church of Fairfield blew me away. We had so many volunteers from many different walks of life all come together to support the efforts of growing food for people in the community that might not have access to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Connecting with Community

Connecting with Community

The soft, excited voice of spring beckons us forth out of our solitude and into the warm embrace of the world around us; into community. With more light and more warmth, people all across the Northern Hemisphere find themselves spending glorious time outside, reconnecting with neighbors of all species.

Solano Gardens is funded through support from Solano Public Health