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The mission of Sustainable Solano’s Local Food initiative is to create an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially just local food system in Solano County. You can help us build a local food system. Find out how below!

Seasonal Spotlight: Winter Squash

Why Eat Winter Squash?

Winter squash, such as butternut, kabocha, pumpkin, delicata and acorn, are rich in Vitamin C, A, B Vitamins, potassium and magnesium.

How to Prepare it?

Try butternut squash with sage, nuts and seeds, chili flakes, apples and pears. It can be roasted, steamed or added to soups and stews.

Try kabocha squash roasted on a spinach salad, in Asian curries, on a pizza with goat cheese or in a “pumpkin” pie.

Try delicata squash roasted. For this winter squash, you can eat the skin!

Find seasonal recipes with winter squash here! And join us for upcoming cooking classes that highlight winter squash and how to prepare it.

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