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What is a Local Food System?

We believe a functioning Local Food System is a collaborative network that ensures environmental sustainability, economic viability for farmers and others working in the food chain, responsible waste management practices and equal access to fresh, healthy food by all members of our communities.

In 2012, Sustainable Solano began seeing signs of a local food movement, and organized Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) drop sites in Benicia. We also began a public education series called “What’s For Dinner?” where healthcare providers, farmers and other guest speakers discussed health benefits of local food and its positive impact on the local economy. These events also included cooking demonstrations using ingredients from the CSA boxes.

In 2017, we formally launched our work in local food systems with help from a USDA LFPP planning grant.  These resources helped us to gather a wide range of partners and stakeholders, which is now the Solano Local Food System Alliance. Our vision is to diversify, expand and safeguard a local, healthy food economy that will preserve farmland, its integrity and biodiversity in Solano County, and ensure food access for all our communities.  The mission of Sustainable Solano’s Local Food initiative is to create an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially just local food system in Solano County.

Click here to learn about the USDA LFPP grant and the work that has gone into building a Local Food System and click below to learn more!


Solano County CSA drop sites

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More Sustainable Landscaping Education Programs Planned for Benicia

More Sustainable Landscaping Education Programs Planned for Benicia

As we plan for an exciting slate of programs based in Benicia for 2021, we want your insight on what sort of workshops we should hold in the city – what is most interesting to potential participants as well as property owners. These workshops will help to strengthen and expand the programs we piloted in Benicia at the beginning of this year.